Nantucket Shellfish Association

Nantucket Shellfish Association

One of our earliest goals as an organization was to find a way to protect the local shellfish resource, not just to support a commercial industry but also to support the traditional recreational shell fishing phenomenon enjoyed by so many families in the community. We saw that the shellfish harvest had been in decline for several years and became aware of new board of health and state regulations that would impact scallop shanties.

Even though we were warned that “no two commercial fishermen could agree on anything,” we naively forged ahead to try to organize a way for folks who fish for a living to have one voice. We felt that when issues of regulations, fisheries management, protection of the habitat and new policies about the harbors were on the table, fishermen should be part of the discussions and part of the solutions. With the help of several local fishermen and much community support, Sustainable Nantucket’s staff and a committed board sub-committee (Dan Drake and Beth Ann Meehan) offered technical assistance and administrative support to start the Nantucket Shellfish Association (NSA). In NSA’s early meetings, the group articulated a set of goals and priorities and established its mission as follows:

The Nantucket Shellfish Association is “Dedicated to conserving the shellfish and the shellfisheries in the waters of Nantucket Island through research, education and action!”

Sustainable Nantucket continued to provide in-house research and administrative support for the NSA and helped to produce their annual fundraising event, The Scallopers’ Ball, up until 2008.

Membership in the NSA is open to all and we encourage everyone who loves the Nantucket Bay Scallop to join.

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