Town of Nantucket and Think Local First! to Form Local Procurement Committee

In response to the unanimous approval by Nantucket voters at the last Town Meeting, Think Local First! along with the Board of Selectmen and the Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission have agreed to form a Local Procurement Committee. Members to date include Selectman Rick Atherton, with Chairman Patty Roggeveen as alternate representing the Board of Selectmen; Diane O’Neil representing the Town as Procurement Officer; Barry Rector and Linda Williams representing the NPDC, and Donna Hamel and Mary Wawro representing TLF!

The committee charter is to research and determine ways to maximize opportunities through communication and education for Nantucket’s local businesses to compete for public sector purchasing and contracts.

This is an exciting opportunity for our Town and businesses.  If done correctly we could see a marked increase in the number of business opportunities made available to our local trade and service organizations allowing more money to be kept within the Nantucket economy – of key importance in these very dire economic times.

The committee plans to commence meetings in September 2010 and will set a meeting schedule at that time.  If you are interested in working with or joining the committee we encourage you to contact us – we are also looking for input from our members to help guide us in our development.  Understanding real life issues and experiences is of major importance if we are to get this right.

Contact:          Donna Hamel e-mail:, Telephone (508) 325-7743

The Think Local First! Campaign is an initiative of Sustainable Nantucket and the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce.

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