SN Launches Nantucket Grown™ Brand to Benefit Local Food

Sustainable Nantucket is pleased to announce the launch of our new Nantucket Grown™ brand aimed at promoting and encouraging the consumption of locally grown food on Nantucket.

Sustainable Nantucket is focused on connecting on-island consumers with sources of locally grown food.  Nantucket Grown™ will provide farmers with an instantly recognizable branding campaign that will indicate to consumers that the food they are purchasing was grown, processed, and distributed on Nantucket.  Sustainable Nantucket will provide our local growers with Nantucket Grown™ stickers to place on all produce being sold at our Farmers & Artisans Market, and elsewhere.

Nantucket Grown™ is modeled on existing ‘Buy Fresh, Buy Local” brands developed in other Massachusetts communities, such as CISA’s “Be A Local Hero” and Martha’s Vineyard’s “Island Grown” brand. These brands have been very successful in raising awareness around the importance of sourcing food locally. The image for the brand was designed by island artist Sue Riddle, who also designed our Farmers & Artisans Market logo.

Eventually, we also intend to make our brand available for use by island restaurants featuring locally grown foods on their menus. This would NOT take the place of naming the individual farm or grower on the menu listing, but instead be something that could be placed on the bottom of a menu, or in an advertisement, as an indication that this particular restaurant has met our criteria for sourcing food locally. The sight of the Nantucket Grown™ logo will be an assurance to consumers that the restaurant they are frequenting makes every effort to purchase the freshest local produce and foods available.

“We see this brand as an essential part of what we are working to accomplish in terms of fostering a sustainable food system, and in turn a vital economy for the island. Nantucket Grown™ is addressing the need to raise awareness and expand the Market for local food, and is evolving hand in hand with our Farmers & Artisans Market, Farm to School Program, Community Agriculture Program and Youth Council.” states executive director Michelle Whelan.

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