Nantucket Golf Club Grant Assures Growth of Farm to School Program

Sustainable Nantucket’s Farm to School Program has been awarded a generous $15,000 grant from the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation. Funds from this grant will be used to hire and pay a stipend for two garden managers and curriculum resource aides for 2012 for the gardens at Nantucket High School and at Nantucket Elementary School/Small Friends.

Nantucket’s Farm to School Program (F2S) launched in 2010 and is quickly gaining momentum. Coordinated by Sustainable Nantucket in partnership with the Nantucket Public School System, the F2S serves to educate our students by engaging them in hands-on learning. The program is designed to integrate curriculum activities with the process of building and cultivating school gardens, to improve student nutrition by raising awareness around the benefits of consuming fresh, sustainably grown produce while supplementing school food supply, and to connect our island’s schools’ with our farms and growers.

The garden manager and the curriculum resource aides (CRA) will give teachers tools to teach with, as opposed to an additional subject that they must teach; they will support the teachers and students as they engage in the hands-on learning opportunities afforded by this program, and will provide resources and garden activities that will enhance existing school curriculum. They will also participate in the ongoing building, planning, planting, maintenance and upkeep of the Farm to School gardens.

The garden manager and curriculum resource aides will be integral to the Farm to School Program, and essential for its day-to-day functioning and long-term success. Sustainable Nantucket is extremely grateful to the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation for its contribution to this Program.

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