Moving Planet Action Day – How We Participated

On September 24th, Sustainable Nantucket and Far Away Farms intern Justine Paradise; Sustainable Nantucket’s Farm-to-School intern Elizabeth Murphy; and community volunteer Zack Dusseau lead a team of volunteers in tending Sustainable Nantucket’s Small Friends Garden as part of’s Moving Planet Action Day.

The group harvested the last of the season’s tomatoes and peppers and the spent plants were removed (chard, mustard greens kale, eggplant, and peppers still remain). The team of volunteers then used the “Do-Nothing Farming” strategy credited to Masanobu Fukuoka as a method of sowing the cover crop seeds.  This involved throwing clay seed balls filled with winter rye, New Zealand white clover and fetch and letting the seeds plant themselves through the clay.  Beets and turnips were also planted to grow behind some of the cover crop.

This hard work from our volunteers will help ensure the longevity of the Small Friends’ Garden, and will help to brace it for the cold winter to come. Our great thanks to all who came out to help!

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