Free Film Series at the Atheneum

Sustainable Nantucket is pleased to present the final two films in the 2011-2012 A Sense of Place VI Film Series, co-sponsored with Nantucket Atheneum.

Houston, We Have A Problem movie
Friday, March 16 at 7:00 PM | Houston, We Have A Problem
Step inside the energy capital of the world to hear the truth about oil, straight from the hearts of Texas oilmen themselves. See decades of American presidents who have warned against the dependence on foreign oil, and how the U.S. Energy Policy has always been Offense, not Defense. Houston, We Have A Problem makes it crystal clear we need to embrace all forms of alternative energy in order to save the planet and ourselves.

Friday, April 27, at 7:00 PM | Ciclovida
Ciclovida: Lifecycle
follows a group of subsistence farmers as they traverse the South American continent by bicycle on a mission to rescue natural seeds. The travelers document how agrofuels are taking over the countryside and displacing millions of small farmers and indigenous communities. Subsistence crops and forests are being replaced by green deserts of genetically modified monocultures where nothing else, plant or animal, can survive the toxic sprays. Director will be in attendance to lead Q&A. Film is in Portuguese with English subtitles.