What’s the Buzz with Pollinators?

beePollinators are insects and small animals such as bees, moths, ants, hummingbirds and even mice that carry pollen from one flower to another flower of the same species. Without pollinators much of our food, fibers, spices and even medicines wouldn’t be able to produce!

Recognizing the importance of pollinators, the Farm to School Program is working with local landscapers and garden designers, Dutra Designs and Garden Design Company, to convert our small garden at the front of the Nantucket Elementary School into a pollinator garden.  For more information about pollinators and what you can do in your own garden to attract these beneficial insects and animals check out this great site.  As part of the Farm to School Family Garden Workshop series we will be hosting a “Pollinators in the Garden” workshop at the end of July. Stay tuned for more details!