Thank You Oran Mor!

Thank you to Christopher Freeman and the kitchen and crew at Oran Mor Bistro for hosting a wonderful Nantucket Grown Dinner last night!

The meal was gorgeous, and amazingly delicious! Spotlight was on Nantucket’s local seafood with Pocomo Meadow oysters provided by Steve Bender, Grey Lady Seaweed from Frank Dutra, pan-roasted Lightship scallops, and braised “Ruthie B” monkfish provided by Bill Blount. Bartlett’s Farm, Boatyard Farm, Moors End Farm, and Pumpkin Pond Farm contributed beautiful, seasonal produce, including Moors End Farm’s golden beets, Pumpkin Pond’s fingerling radishes, Boatyard Farm’s pumpkin and Bartlett Farm’s cauliflower, and with an additional treat of cranberries from the Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s Windswept Bog! Thank you also to our sponsors Annye’s Whole Foods for the wine and Ambrosia Chocolate & Spices for the takeaway gifts of tea. We are excited for our next Nantucket Grown Dinner at the Seagrille on November 17!

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