Bridge Back to School

The Farm to School Program partnered with the Nantucket Community School for the final two weeks of summer to offer a small group of children the opportunity to explore agriculture and environmental stewardship. Over the past two weeks, we have incorporated science, nutrition and writing into a camp style program that included field trips, art projects and movement games. As a pilot for next year’s new Farm to School Summer Program, we were thrilled to explore these topics and see the enthusiasm of the students as they engaged in interactive lessons.

During the past two weeks we:

  • Enjoyed a hayride around Bartlett Farm and harvested peppers for their CSA.
  • Learned about pollinators at Boatyard Farm.
  • Explored habitats and food chains at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation.
  • Improved our knowledge and skills in nutrition and cooking, creating a well balanced feast.
  • Investigated the weather and climate on Nantucket and how that effects our growing season.
  • Observed the efforts to sustain Nantucket’s scallop industry with a visit to the Natural Resources Department Shell Fish Hatchery.
  • Witnessed how birds of prey are used as a hunting resource at Nantucket Hawking and Falconry.
  • Performed experiments to learn about soil and compost.