Chef Demo at Saturday’s Market!

Join Chef Greg Margolis Saturday at 11:00 for an interactive walk through the Farmers & Artisans Market.

After making purchases from local growers, go with Chef Greg to the Nantucket Culinary Center (two block walk) for a spontaneous and creative chef demo and tasting!

Here’s a peek at the exciting chef demo last week! You never know what Chef Greg will find at the Market, or what he’ll make with it! Sooo delicious, and fresh!

DSCF7510From Pumpkin Pond Farm, let’s get an assortment of mint varieties and rosemary branches.




DSCF7516And we must have this fresh corn from Moors End Farm that Ambrosia has at their tent, along with a jar of their special hickory-smoked peppers.







DSCF7524 Ooh, look at these purple sun potatoes from Boatyard Farm!

And some squashes, tomatoes, and fennel.






Now, what to make with all this fabulous organic produce grown on the island?





DSCF7542Slicing the potatoes reveals purple centers.




DSCF7549Chef Greg roasts the potato slices with the sprigs of rosemary…





DSCF7577…and grills the yellow zucchini.








The corn is cut off the cob, and sauteed in butter with the whole tomatoes.





DSCF7584Meanwhile, the salad is of thin slices of onion, radish, different colors of beets, and tomatoes, dressed in lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil.


DSCF7585The roasted vegetables are tossed together.




DSCF7593The perfect summer lunch! Served with fresh iced mint tea sweetened with agave nectar.



DSCF7596Don’t miss the next exciting demo with Chef Greg, this coming Saturday at 11:00!