Thank You to Stop and Shop!

Sustainable Nantucket is delighted to announce that we are the recipient of a grant from Stop & Shop that supports our Summer Garden Coordinator position AND will allow Farm to School to purchase two vacuum packers for the Nantucket Public Schools cafeterias!

ss_logohThese vacuum packers will allow Nantucket Public Schools food services to prepare and serve Nantucket-grown produce during the school year! We are grateful for this opportunity and so excited to put these vacuum packers to use for our island students!

girls-show-collected-tomatoes-and-potatoes steph-ryder-zoe-yasmine-bazos-husking

Many thanks to Linda Peterson, Nantucket Public Schools Food Service Director, and Erin Long, Chartwells Regional District Manager, for their collaboration with Farm to School and Stop & Shop for their support in making more local food access possible for our community!