Meet Our June 24 Vendors!

New vendor Katy DeHeart with her ceramics.

Saturday June 24, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Downtown at Cambridge & North Union Streets

Lazy Man Gardens (organically-grown seasonal produce)
ACK Sweet Water Farm (organically-grown seasonal produce)
Washashore Farm (organically-grown seasonal produce)
Nantucket Organics (organically-grown seasonal produce)
Pumpkin Pond Farm (certified organic seasonal produce)

Value-Added Food Producers

Small Town Girl (candies, sauces, jams)
Fare Isle (teas, infused vinegar & vanilla extract, spices)
Ambrosia (baked goods, preserves, spices, teas)

Artisans ~ Handmade on Nantucket

Megan Anderson Art (jewelry, belt buckles)
Two for Joy Jewelry (jewelry)
Nantucket Innovations (homemade cleanser)
Amare Terra Studio (henna hand art)
Nantiquet (unique frames & mixed-media collage)
Katydid (ceramics)
Seaweaver (handwoven clothing, textiles)
Studio V (fused glass art)
Live Off The Sand (jewelry, prints)
Artist Marcus Foley (woodworking)
Bill Hoenk Photography (photography)
Ireland Galleries (mosaic sculpture, paintings, jewelry)
Tuck Life (T-shirts)
Nantucket Island Coasters (table coasters)
David Lazarus Studio (etchings, mixed media prints, watercolors)
Dan LeMaitre Photography (photography)
Designs by Priscilla (jewelry)
Drift Away Soap (handmade bar soap)
Crafterinka (stationery, handknits)
Skar Jewelry (jewelry)
The Shipwreck Institute (prints, cards, posters)
Keely Smith Designs (jewelry)
Daniel Sutherland Photography (photography)
Jeanne van Etten (whimsical paintings & gifts)
Van der Wolk Studio (paintings, jewelry)
Nantucket Whales (woodworking)
Nantucket Needlework Designs (handknits, jewelry)
Nell Van Vorst Tile & Porcelain (ceramics)
Simulacra (handmade athleisure clothing)

Guest Non Profit Organizations
Fairwinds Counseling Center

Sustainable Nantucket Tent
We Accept SNAP/EBT ~ Get Double Dollars!

10:00 a.m. Special Event – Walk the Market with Chef Greg, followed by sit-down lunch at Nantucket Culinary. Tickets: $65.00 per person.
To purchase: CLICK HERE
eet at the Big Yellow Tent