Creative Reuse  Popup 

Creative Reuse  Popup 

A Take-What-You-Need Art & Craft Material ” Shop”

Call to arrange for pickup or drop off of unused art & craft supplies
Emma at 508. 221.1523 or Allison at 201. 738. 2721

Wednesday, May 1st, 6- 8 pm, Nantucket Atheneum
Take what you need, first come, first served.
What is creative reuse?
Also known as upcycling or repurposing: Bringing a new life or function to an already manufactured item. Got stuff from home or work that you that you’re not sure what to do with?  Maybe someone could use it!

Screws, nails, keys, glass jars, jewelry boxes, coffee tins, tubes,  pouches, plastic containers, books, magazines, scrap booking materials, socks, candles, fabric, wrapping paper, postcards, CDs, zippers, buttons, office supplies, old photos, tiles, wallpaper, paint samples, wood scraps and so much more……

Sustainable Nantucket is proud to support this event.