Thank you to everyone who supported our work and enabled us to carry out our mission of cultivating a healthy Nantucket in 2018.

 2018 Annual Business Sponsors

Nantucket Culinary Center

ACK Smart

Cisco Brewers, Nantucket Vineyard & Triple 8 Distillery

Hang Ten Raw Bar

Ruthie B. Community Supported Fisheries

Ambrosia Chocolate and Spices

Annye’s Whole Foods

Bartlett’s Farm

Chip Webster Architecture

Dutra Designs

Eat Fire Springs Apiary

Emeritus Development

Harbor Fuel

Garden Design Company

Gioia Cheese Company

John McGarr

La Rock Events

Moors End Farm

Nantucket Architecture Group

Nantucket Catering Company

Nantucket Land Bank

Nantucket Looms

Nantucket Pharmacy

Nantucket Tents

Nantucket Yacht Club

September Productions

The Shanty

Vaughn, Dale, Hunter, & Beaudette, PC


 2017 Annual Business Sponsors

Nantucket Culinary Center
Spindrift Beverage Co.
White Elephant
ACK Smart
Cisco Brewers, Nantucket Vineyard & Triple 8 Distillery
Hang Ten Raw Bar
N Magazine
Ruthie B. Community Supported Fisheries
Absolute Sport Fishing
Annye’s Whole Foods
Bartlett’s Farm
Cape Air
Chris Oberg
Dutra Designs
Eat Fire Springs Apiary
Ernst Land Design
Harbor Fuel
Hy-Line Cruises
Garden Design Company
Gioia Cheese
John McGarr
J Pepper Frazier
La Rock Events
Lazy Man Gardens
Moors End Farm
Nantucket Architecture Group
Nantucket Electrical Contractors
Nantucket Heritage Landscape
Nantucket Looms
Nantucket Pharmacy
Nantucket Tents
Nantucket Yacht Club
Pumpkin Pond Farm
Sara Boyce Marketing
Sayle’s Seafood
September Productions
Siobhain Pembroke Klawetter
Something Natural
Tom Hanlon
Town Pool
Vaughn, Dale, Hunter, & Beaudette, PC

2016 Annual Business Sponsors

Lazy Man Gardens
Nantucket Culinary Center
Spindrift Beverage Co.
White Elephant
ACK Smart
Ambrosia Chocolate and Spices
Cisco Brewers, Nantucket Vineyard & Triple 8 Distillery
Fairview Landscapes
Garden Design Company
Hang Ten Raw Bar

N Magazine
Nantucket Electrical Contractors
Ruthie B. Community Supported Fisheries

Bartlett’s Farm
Dutra Designs
Harbor Fuel
MS Walker
Nantucket Yacht Club
Sara Boyce Marketing
September Productions
Siobhain Pembroke Klawetter
Surfing Hydrangea

La Rock Events
Annye’s Whole Foods
Arrowhead Nursery

Atlantic Aeolus
Cape Air
Ernst Land Design
Far Away Farms
Matthew Palka Landscape
Moors End Farm
Nantucket Architecture Group
Nantucket Tents
Nantucket Pharmacy
Pumpkin Pond Farm
Sayle’s Seafood
WingWorks Landscape
Vaughn, Dale, Hunter, & Beaudette, PC

Listed below are the donors who gave in 2016 calendar year

Cultivator ~ $10,000+

Mary-Randolph Ballinger
Bill and Laurie Benenson
Susanne and Wade Greene

Farmer ~ $5,000 – $9,999

David and Beverly Barlow
Ritchie and Margaret Battle
Meg and Tim Callahan
Sally and Rick Charpie
Caleb and Lindsey Cressman
Marvin and Mary Davidson
Elizabeth and Wayne Davies
Gabriel Frasca
Ian Golding and Laura Wasserman
Beverly Hall and David Billings
Susan Handy
Barbara and Amos Hostetter
Mark Massey
Robert and Barbara Medaugh
Angela and Seth Raynor
Peter Watrous and Louise Eastman
Jim Flaws and Marcia Weber

Gardener ~ $2,500 – $4,999

Nan and Chuck Reschke
Barbara Jones
Evan and Maria Marley
William and Siobhan Moore
Franci Neely
Lynn and Nick Nicholas
Melissa and Nathaniel Philbrick
Randee Seiger
Robert and Elizabeth Weiler
John Wepler

Harvester ~ $1,500 – $2,499

Sara B. Boyce
Gordon and Llura Gund
Charles and Kaaren Hale
John Johnson and Susan Short
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Menschel
Linda Saligman
Georgia Ann Snell
Greg and Laura
Wright, Bob

Gleaner ~ $500 – $1,499

Admiral John Baldwin and Mrs. Baldwin
Janet and Sam Bailey
Judy and John Belash
Ben Larrabee Photography
Paulette and Fred Boling
Edward P. and Maureen Bousa
William and Laura Buck
Carolyn Thayer Interiors
Jayne and Kevin Cassidy
Chris and Cheryl Emery
Barbara and William Farrell
Richard and Irene Frary
Michael and Elizabeth Galvin
Lou and Dottie Generro
Toby Greenberg
Marsha and Stanley Greenmail
Susan Halley
Robert and Kathleen Hay
Mary Heller
Bruce D. and Suzanne Hopper
Laura and John Hussey
J. McLaughlin
Charles and Dr. Ann Johnson
Deborah and Peter Kahn
Robert and Kate Keith
Lisa Kittredge and Jeff Peddar
Eric Laxer
Duff and Bunny Meyercord
Sarah Ann Miller and David Bossi
Jonathan Molot and Hattie Ruttenberg
Gregory and Tracey Morzano
MS Walker Fine Wines & Spirits
Heather and Jim Milvihill
Pamela S. Niner
Rachel and Jack Oliver
Maureen Orth
Joanne Sullivan and Neil Paterson
David Policansky
Larry and Valerie Post
Stan Rosenzweig and Lauri Union
Mary Saffell and Peter Boyce
Mark and Samantha Sandler
Wendy and Eric Schmidt
David Sheila
Tom and Meredith Sobol
Andre Spears and Anne E. Rosen
Steve Gibson Landscaping, LLC
Seth and Jennifer Stier
Edward H. and Marilou Symes
Harry and Judy Thomas
James and Clare Walker
Mary Walsh and Allan LaFrance
Robin West and Eileen Shields
Caroline and Helmut Weymar
Andrew Forsyth and Kelly Williams
Oceanside Resort Winnetu
Yankee Construction Company

Sower ~ $250 – $499

ACK Fresh
Warren and Lauren Ard
Andrew and Ann Bazos
Bee Happy Honey Co.
Susan L. Blount and Richard Bard
Ray Pohl and Lisa Botticelli
Trish Bridier
Susan and Gene Briskman
David and Mary Brown
Peter and Monica Campanella
Pamela Van Hoven
Philip and Margaret Condon
Carol March Emerson Cross
David and Alexandra Dalury
Heidi Drew
Timothy Feeney and Julija Mostykanova-Feeney
Robert D. Felch
Mollie Glazer
Frank and Karel Greenberg
Richard and Suzy Grote
Philip and Joan Gulley
Diane Herlinger
Kevin Hickey and Nellie O’Gara
Susan C. Jemison and Richard S. Johnston
Johnstons of Elgin
Patti Keegan
Edward P. and Joyce M. Lawerence
William and Susan Learnard
Levy and Peggy Levy
Virginia Macaulay
Linda MacKay
James Marinelli
Antonia Massie
Clare Casademont and Michael Metz
Russ and Marian Morash
Carole Murko and Jim Finnerty
Nantucket Cottage Hospital
Nantucket Looms
Nantucket Salt
Mary and Al Novissimo
John and Deborah Osborn
Robert W. and Emily M. Osgood
Joseph R. Paul
Penny Mateer and J. Randy Pearson
James and Kathleen Poole
Harry T. and Susan D. Rein
Judy Rushmore
Alicia Hayes and Mark Seiger
Seth Hoogasian and Lisa Wohlleib
Shearwater Excursions
Rachael Freeman and Sam Slosek
Hilary and Langley Steinert
Michael Sutka and Tracy Hagert
Thomas Szydlowski and Marcia Coyle
Philip Villiotte
Robert and Gail Ward
Wicked Island Bakery
Wilder Designs Studio
Mimi Young

Friend ~ Up to $249

Peggy Altreuter
Hillary Anapol
Thomas J. and Patricia S. Anathan
Marcia and Stephen Anderson
Bill and Margaretta Andrews
John Archibald
Christopher W. Armstrong
Atlantic East Real Estate
Anne D. Bailliere
Rita Barada
John Becker
Charity Benz
Benjamin and Amy Bloomstone
Solomon and Georgette Boucai
Brass Lantern Inn
John and Jessie Brescher
Elizabeth J. Brinkerhoff
Julie and Robert Bryan
Barbara Bund
Carol Jean Butler
Eileen and Robert Butler
Stephen Callahan and Christine Madigan
Anne Delaney and Chip Carver
Jeff Blackwell and Mary Casey
David Caton
Howard Chadwick
Stephen B. Chase
Chip Webster Architecture
Marina Cholaki and Michael Becaas
Michael and Meg Connolly
Jayne and Robert Dane
Darya Salon & Spa
Bob and Maureen Dobies
Dennis Doran and Alan Bell
Jen and Rob Dunbar
Lee and Tharon Dunn
Tony and Marianne Ehinger
Kurt and Terri Eichler
Douglass N. and Caroline Ellis
David and Margaret Feindel
Alan and Nancy Forster
Four Winds Gifts, Inc.
Douglas Foy and Paula Gold
Joseph and Cynthia Freeman
G.S. Hill Gallery
John and Cindi Galiher
Lucinda Garrison
Geronimo’s Ltd.
Evan and Sascha Greenberg
Thomas and Mary Greig
Richard G. Hajjar
Thomas B. Hakes
Pam Halstead
Polly Ann Halsted
Handy Helpers ACK
Hatch’s Package Store
Richard and Maureen Herman
Christine and Bruce Hermansdorfer
Liz Hilger
Grace S. Hinkley
Janie Hobson-Dupont
Peter E. and Linda Hoey
Ron Hoffman and Tony Gampetro
Christopher F. Holland
Roger Horchow
Louise and William Hourihan
Isobel and Cleo
Jill Yeagy Bookkeeping
John and Linda Johnson 
Paul and Judith Kales 
Loretta and Allan Kaplan 
Dennis and Connie Keller 
Sanford Kendall 
Nick Kolb 
Daniel Korengold and Martha Dippell
Richard and Robin Kreitler
Carol and Peter Krogh
Janine La Farge

Nancy Lampe
Anne Lanman

John G. Lathrop
Lucy and Toby Leske
Philip S. Lindsay
Francisco A. and Sharon N. Lorenzo
William and Deborah (Killien) Lothian
Peter and Roberta Louderback
Matthew R. MacEachern 
William Q. &  Mary Jane MacLean 
Christine Mallia 
Sarah Maneikis 
Elizabeth and Vincent Mann 
Charles Mappin and Robert Franklin
Maria Mitchell Association
Gary McBournie and Bill Richards 
James and Deborah McIntosh
Jane and Rory McNeil
William B. McPherson
William and Katherine Miller
John and Kathryn Molly
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Millard
Elizabeth Murray
Murray’s Toggery Shop
Kathleen Myers
Nantucket Community Sailing
Nantucket Family Chiropractic
Nantucket Garden Club
Nantucket Housefitters & Tile Gallery
Doerte Neudert
Paul Gaucher and Peter Niemitz
Nip and Tuck It
North River Outfitters
Jennifer O’Brien
Mary Alyce Pardo
Christopher and Jennifer Perkin
Robert S. Perlman
Peter Gelhaar and Christa Comeau
Carol H. Pillion
Elliott and Eileen Pollack
Peg and Phil Read
Duncan and Elizabeth Richardson
Susan Richardson
RJ Miller Salon
Mickey and Robin Rowland 
Emory and Susie Sanders 
Joseph and Gail Santucci
Christopher and Deborah Sawch
Gerald Schwartz
Nancy J. Sevrens
Steve and Karin Sheppard
Penny F. Snow
Sarah Stephenson
Barbara D. Stevens
Robert and Ann Stock
Summer Shades
Bradford and Jennifer Sweeney
Sweet Inspirations Chocolatier
Frances H. Symes
Linda Taylor
Taylor, Linda
The Dog Wash
The Green
The Tennis Loft
Thomas &  Beth Lowy
Trisa Thompson and Jack Jacobi
Thornewill Design, LLC
Town Pool
Clara Urbahn
Pam Waller
Emma Ward
Maryann Wasik and Richard Storch
Heidi Weddendorf
Jack and Karen Wheeler
Bill Willet
E. Crosby and Augusta Willet
Andrew E. Wise
Julie O Wood
Charles and Myra Wrubel
Martin and Rachel Zinny



The ‘Sconset Trust
Cliff Bar Family Foundation
Heinz Family Foundation
Nantucket Community Preservation Committee
Nantucket Golf Club Foundation
Jockey Hollow Foundation, Inc.
Stop & Shop
Osceola Foundation, David and Barbara Spitler
The Gilbert Verney Foundation


Founding Farmers of Community Farm Institute

Lead Sponsor
Mary-Randolph Ballinger

Gate Sponsor
Ann and Charles Johnson

Solar System Sponsor
Wade and Susanne Greene

Greenhouse Sponsor
Bonnie Sacerdote

Farm Water Sponsor
Barbara Gray

Seasoned Farm Founder
Barbara Fife
Hillsdale Fund
Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Beginning Farm Founder
David and Beverly Barlow
The Frances & Benjamin Benenson Foundation Inc.
Meg and Tim Callahan
Mary and Marvin Davidson
Stephen A. Davis
Susan Zises Green
Kaaren and Charles Hale
Heinz Family Foundation
Randee Seiger

Beth and Wayne Davies
Paul Dutra
Randee Seiger

Fence Post Sponsor
Mary and Robert Haft
Siobhain Klawetter
Bunny and Duff Meyercord
Siobhan and Bill Moore

10-Sq Ft Founding Farmer
William Charlton
Marsha and Stanley Greenman
Lucile Hays
Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Georgia Ann Snell
Melissa and Nathaniel Philbrick
Peter Watrous

5-Sq Ft Founding Farmer
Paulette and Fred Boling
Pamela Van Hoven Clark
Tamara Grenier
Ron Hoffman and Tony Gampetro
Barbara Malcolm
Will McDonough
Tracey and Gregory Morzano
Jonathan and Elizabeth Raith
Seth and Angela Raynor
Richard and Janet Sherlund
Anne Rosen and Andre Spears
Laura Wasserman and Ian Golding
Mimi Young

Square Foot Founding Farmer
Charles Allard
Amanda Amaral
Mark Andreozzi
Andrew and Ann Bazos
John and Judy Belash
Bill and Ruth Blount
Paulette and Fred Boling
Christopher Bouque
BPC Architecture
Elizabeth Braun
Trish Bridier
Susan and Coleman Burke
Joann and Ted Burnham
Annye Camara
Michael Campbell
Barbara Chapin
Prentice and Patricia Claflin
Stephen and Emily Creese
Carol March Emerson Cross
Patricia Curran
Current Vintage
Tricia and Mark Deck
Chris and Cindy Delano
Jonathan and Jane Delano
Alan Bell and Dennie Doran
Susan Doughan
Emily Dutra
Barbara and Bill Evans
Pamela Stedman Farkas
Lisa Farrell
Matt and Sheila Fee
Emma Feshbach
Abigail Fiske
Irene and Richard Frary
Jennie Garofalo
Anna Goodwin
Ron Gottschalk
Mitchell Graff
Lindsay Green
Margo Grodsky
Tara Grunwald
Mary W.  Heller
Lucy Jarvis
Paul Jensen
Woody and Jane Kay
Paul and Giovanna LaPaglia
Scott Leonard and Michelle Perkins
Mary Longacre
Linda Mackay
Christine Mallia
Helen and Jim Manchester
Joy and Greg Margolis
Greg McTigue
Barbara and Alan Medaugh
Sarah Ann Miller
Leah Mojer
Moore Woodworking Inc.
Kathleen Myers
Cornelia Bower Neely
Nick and Lynn Nicholas
Kit Noble
Taylor Oliver
Patricia Parks
Darcy Creech
Melissa and Nathaniel Philbrick
Trina and Ross Ragan
Joseph Ranstatler
Laurie Richards
Terri and Doug Rohrer
Alicia Seiger & Mark Hayes
Penny Snow
David and Barbara Spitler
Andrew Spollett
Catherine and John Stover
Dorry Swope
Mike Boylan
The Westmoor Club
Dylan and Claudia Wallace
Nadine Westcott
Michelle Whelan
Pam and Charlie Williams
Mimi Young
Amy Zielinski

As a grassroots organization, our volunteers are invaluable to us and are critical to the success of our work.  We sincerely appreciate the time, ideas, and energy that our volunteers contribute to  Sustainable Nantucket’s programs, events, and mailings throughout the year. We could not exist without our dedicated volunteers. Thank you!