Learn How to Install an Irrigation System in your Garden this Saturday!

April 9th, 2015

John closeupIrrigation & Water
at the Walter F. Ballinger Educational Community Farm

Saturday April 11, 10am to noon
By the Community Farm Institute
168 Hummock Pond Road

Learn how to install a drip irrigation with small sprinklers system and see one going in the ground with Community Farm Institute Site Manager John Kuszpa.

Join the 2015 Nantucket Grown Brand!

January 14th, 2015

nantucketgrown.rev. 9:17:12Applications are now available for restaurants and food producers to carry the 2015 NantucketGrown Brand. The NantucketGrown Campaign raises consumer awareness and support for local food by acknowledging those businesses that are leaders in the local food movement on Nantucket through their dedication to sourcing from on-island providers and their support of our local food system.

2015 Brand Application for First-Time Applicant

2015 Brand Application for Renewal Applicant

Thank you to the Nantucket farms, food service establishments and clubs that participated in our 2014 Nantucket Grown Brand: American Seasons, Annye’s Whole Foods, Bartlett’s Farm, Black Eyed Susan’s, The Boarding House, Boatyard Farm, Centre Street Bistro, The Chanticleer, Corazon del Mar, Far Away Farm, Galley Beach, Le Languedoc, Moors End Farm, Nantucket Blooms, Nantucket Golf Club, Nantucket Public Schools, Nantucket Wine Festival, Nantucket Yacht Club, Oo La La Gardens, Oran Mor, The Pearl, Pi Pizzeria,Pumpkin Pond Farm, Straight Wharf Restaurant, The SeaGrille, The Westmoor Club, and Ventuno.

Thank You, Pi Pizzeria!

December 16th, 2014

Thank you so much to chef-owner Evan Marley, owner Maria Marley and the rest of the talented Pi Pizzeria team for an amazing conclusion to our 2014 Nantucket Grown Dinner Series. From the first course of ‘Ruthie B. Lobster and Cod with Nantucket Bay Scallops’ to the ‘Trio of Venison,’ we enjoyed the full flavor of a local harvest. Thank you to all of the participating growers: Bartlett’s Farm, Boatyard Farm, Far Away Farm, Moors End Farm, and Pumpkin Pond Farm, as well as to the other island businesses that contributed their local product, including Ambrosia Spices, Small Town Girl, and Venus’ Honey. Thank you also to SN business sponsor Annye’s Whole Foods for generously supplying the wine for the entire Nantucket Grown Dinner series.

adding cranberries

sliced venison with chef knife getting plates ready guests at long tableguests enjoy salad

NantucketGrown Thanksgiving Produce

November 25th, 2014

Are you looking to include NantucketGrown produce on your Thanksgiving table?

Check out what our local farms have to offer for your Thanksgiving menu:

Pumpkin Pond produce

Bartlett’s Farm: Bartlett’s is open Tuesday and Wednesday until 6:00pm

Red Skin
Yukon Red
Red Adirondack
Blue Adirondack

Sweet Dumpling
Long Island Cheese Pumpkins

GREENS: (while supplies last)
Micro greens
Head lettuce

And don’t forget … Nantucket Turnips!

Moors End Farm: Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00am – 5:00pm on an honors system, take what you need and leave what you owe.


Pumpkin Pond Farm: Open Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00am – 2:00pm.

Mesclun mix
Mustard Greens



Bay leaf
Winter Savory

Thank You to The SeaGrille!

November 20th, 2014

Wow! What an amazing dinner! Thank you so much to the The SeaGrille for hosting our third 2014 Nantucket Grown Dinner, and especially to Chef-Owner EJ Harvey and Chef de Cuisine Tucker Harvey for sharing their wonderful creations with us.

Dinner included an abundance of fresh, local seafood, including Steve Bender’s Pocomo Meadow Oysters and Karsten Reinemo’s Nantucket Bay Scallops, as well as an entree of Capt. Bill Blount and the F/V Ruthie B’s Atlantic Halibut, arranged with crab and octopus! Bartlett’s Farm, Moors End Farm and Pumpkin Pond Farm all contributed fresh, local produce. Dessert included Ray’s Goat’s Milk panna cotta, with local Bee Happy Honey and Windswept Bog cranberries! Thank you to all of the local food producers who participated, and also to Annye’s Whole Foods for sponsoring wine – and thank you to everyone who joined us on a stormy evening for great, local food and company.



Thank You Oran Mor!

October 21st, 2014

Thank you to Christopher Freeman and the kitchen and crew at Oran Mor Bistro for hosting a wonderful Nantucket Grown Dinner last night!

The meal was gorgeous, and amazingly delicious! Spotlight was on Nantucket’s local seafood with Pocomo Meadow oysters provided by Steve Bender, Grey Lady Seaweed from Frank Dutra, pan-roasted Lightship scallops, and braised “Ruthie B” monkfish provided by Bill Blount. Bartlett’s Farm, Boatyard Farm, Moors End Farm, and Pumpkin Pond Farm contributed beautiful, seasonal produce, including Moors End Farm’s golden beets, Pumpkin Pond’s fingerling radishes, Boatyard Farm’s pumpkin and Bartlett Farm’s cauliflower, and with an additional treat of cranberries from the Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s Windswept Bog! Thank you also to our sponsors Annye’s Whole Foods for the wine and Ambrosia Chocolate & Spices for the takeaway gifts of tea. We are excited for our next Nantucket Grown Dinner at the Seagrille on November 17!

photo (20)
photo (16)photo (18)
photo (17)

Thank You Straight Wharf!

September 30th, 2014

Thank you so much to the fabulous team at Straight Wharf for kicking off our fifth annual Nantucket Grown Dinner series last night! From pumpkin chowder to basil ice cream – not to mention Far Away Farm’s pork raviolo and Ruthie B monkfish – it was local eating at its finest. Thank you to Bartlett’s Farm, Boatyard Farm, Far Away Farm, Moors End Farm, Patti Myers herbs, Pumpkin Pond Farm and Ruthie B CSF for providing our fresh, local ingredients, and to business sponsors Annye’s Whole Foods and Cisco Brewers for providing beverages. We hope you all enjoyed this memorable meal!


Find Nantucket Grown Food

August 13th, 2014

Nantucketgrown_transparencySustainable Nantucket’s NantucketGrown Campaign promotes and encourages the consumption of locally grown food on Nantucket. Look for the NantucketGrown logo (shown right) displayed at participating businesses, and please support the following NantucketGrown establishments who are demonstrating their commitment to providing and sourcing fresh, local food and supporting the local economy.

Sustainable Nantucket’s NantucketGrown™ Campaign acknowledges those businesses that are leaders in the local food movement on Nantucket through their dedication to sourcing from on-island providers and their support of our local food system.

Thank you to the following establishments for supporting and strengthening the local food system and for being part of the 2017 NantucketGrown brand!

Join Us for Our 2014 Nantucket Grown Dinner Series!

August 11th, 2014

Chef/owners Gabriel Frasca and Amanda Lydon and Chef de Cuisine Mayumi Hattori of Straight Wharf - Nantucket, MA

Join us in celebrating Nantucket’s growers, harvesters, fishermen and chefs – and enjoy the best of the island’s harvest!

2014 Nantucket Grown Dinners will be hosted by:

Straight Wharf ~ September 29th

Oran Mor Bistro ~ October 20th

The Sea Grille ~ November 17th

Pi Pizzeria ~ December 15th


4 Course Farm-To-Table Dining

Beer and Wine Included with Dinner

$95 (+ 18% gratuity)

Click on the restaurant names above to reserve your tickets today or call the SN Office: 508-228-3399

The Pearl“You might be sitting next to someone who caught the fish on your plate, or grew the mushrooms in the sauce or picked the fresh kale in your salad. And when the chef comes out to visit with you, you sense that for him or her too, this is a different experience of preparing food from and for the community” – Nantucket Grown Dinner attendee

“The dinner series is really a vehicle for our overall mission to increase food production on the island, by bringing together growers and restaurateurs.” – SN Board Chair

The cost is $95 per person for a four-course dinner including beer and wine. Cocktails available at the cash bar.
For the convenience of our dinner guests we will be adding the 18% gratuity on when tickets are purchased (totaling $112).

Seating is limited and reservations are required.
(Photo: Chef/Owner Seth Raynor of the Pearl, Boarding House and Corazon del Mar at work.
Photo by Jeff Allen.)

Learn about Greenhouse Pest Management!

April 2nd, 2014


Please Join Us for a special agricultural workshop!

Tina Smith
UMASS Greenhouse Crops
& Floriculture Specialist





Talk Presentation
Monday, April 14, 2-4pm at the Hayloft, Bartletts Farm

Thrips, aphids, fungus gnats, shore flies and mites can be a challenge on ornamental spring crops and vegetable bedding plants grown in greenhouses. Tina will talk about managing these important greenhouse pests using cultural and biological management strategies.

Hands-on in the Greenhouses
Tuesday, April 15, 9-noon at Bartletts Farm (meet at the Hayloft)
Walk the greenhouses with Tina! On-site demonstration of diagnostic test kit for virus detection, followed by scouting plants and discussion.

With thanks to MDAR for their support. mdar-logo-192-95