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Sustainable Nantucket’s Community Agriculture Program

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

The elements of SN’s Community Agriculture Program fall into one of two categories: expanding production of local food through our Land Use Partnership and Agricultural Apprenticeships, and expanding the market for, and access to local food through our Nantucket Grown™ Campaign ~ providing support for promotion and distribution.

Expanding production of local food


  • SN is  “growing” new farmers by facilitating and coordinating Agricultural Apprenticeships where the apprentices work with the growers in the field and learn aspects of the business of farming by vending at the SN Farmers & Artisans Market.
  • SN is expanding the amount of land dedicated to agricultural production on the island through our Land Use Partnership Initiative where we facilitate and establish three-way partnerships between Sustainable Nantucket, land-owning entities such as the Nantucket Islands Land Bank and individuals, and small, local growers who both cultivate and/or graze livestock, and mentor SN Ag Apprentices on private land.
  • “Growing” new growers and  food producers through our series of classes and workshops for beginning farmers.


  • We will be working with Martha’s Vineyard’s Island Grown Initiative and our State Health Department to help us develop mobile processing units for poultry , for shared use by stakeholders.
  • Developing a community commercial kitchen & processing facility to assist in creating value added products.

Expanding the market for local food


  • Sustainable Nantucket (SN) launched our  Nantucket Grown™ Campaign in 2011. This Campaign  includes a Nantucket Grown™ Brand – logo designed by local artist, Sue Riddle – and a Nantucket Grown™ publication. The Nantucket Grown™ brand provides farmers, restaurants and food producers with an instantly recognizable branding campaign that will indicate to consumers that the food they are purchasing was grown, processed, and distributed on Nantucket. The magazine is designed to raise awareness about, and expand the market for local food and artisanal products.


  • Expanding use of the brand to include Stop & Shop and Grand Union and smaller groceries.
  • Facilitating the creation of a cooperative pick-up and delivery system for grower to restaurant.

Community Agriculture Initiative

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

 The overall goal of our Community Agriculture Initiative is to support, encourage and further develop organic food production on island.  Specifically, this program will strengthen the local economy by helping entrepreneurs in agriculture and specialty food production get started, or grow their existing businesses through the following activities:

  • Classes and workshops
  • Agricultural intern program
  • Helping to develop, and supporting a Farm to School program
  • Making farmable land more accessible to farmers by leasing land and creating a community farm
  • Facilitating the purchase, storage and use of shared equipment for cheese-making and animal husbandry
  • Developing a community kitchen allowing people to produce quantities of prepared foods (jams, jellies, baked goods, etc.) that will be used for both food production and classes.